30 Jul 2023 | By Claudia Mujat

A Picture’s and a Spectrum’s worth: Getting the most out of your Morphologi 4 & 4-ID user meeting – Q&A

On June 23rd, 2023 we held our first virtual Morphologi 4-ID user meeting. which aimed to highlight the different ways in which the instrument is being used in various application spaces and in conjunction with other technologies.   After a short introductory presentation of the Morphologi 4–ID...shadowrocketwindows版本

29 Jul 2023 | By Robert Taylor

Around the (world) home in 80 particles – Gardening

it takes a period of social distancing to turn my attention to the garden. But with garden centres closed, what materials science skills can I draw upon?

Tags: Mastersizer 3000, shadowrocket安卓下载, Soils, XRF

28 Jul 2023 | By Verna Frasca

ITC Technical Tip: Merging ITC data files by concatenation

Concatenation (noun) con·cat·e·na·tion plural concatenations Definition of concatenation: a group of things linked together or occurring together in a way that produces a particular result or effect the act of concatenating things or the state of being concatenated : union...READ MORE >

Tags: Isothermal Titation Calorimetry, ITC, MicroCal, MicroCal ITC

24 Jul 2023 | By Chantal Audet

How to streamline sample preparation for XRF with new tracking software

Sample tracking may not be the most exciting part of XRF workflows, but it’s one of the most vital. Chantal Audet, Product Manager for TheOx Advanced sample fusion system, explains how a new software option streamlines sample tracking and troubleshooting....READ MORE >

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Experimental scientists suffer under lockdown

For experimental scientists, being hands-on in the lab is the very essence of what makes science interesting. Whether you are madly running all your instruments at their maximum throughput or having a contemplative moment thinking about how to design your...READ MORE >